Announcements, June 6, 2020

In short: All sales of Milestone artwork through the end of July will be donated to the Loveland Foundation in support of mental health services for members of the black community. We stand with our brothers and sisters. Black Lives Matter.

And we have a short film that debuts June 15: Even the Wind is Too Dead to Speak. Check it out on our YouTube channel.

Jerry Stiller, Darkness, Humor

Jerry Stiller, father of Ben Stiller, as Frank Costanza - OxiBuzz


Jerry Stiller died today, and that fucking sucks.

For someone like me, lucky enough to grow up with Seinfeld and Zoolander and pretty much anything else featuring him for longer than three seconds, Jerry Stiller was a comedy god, a Jungian archetype of the “hilarious old man who doesn’t give a shit;” others in this pantheon include George Carlin and Don Rickles, by the way. I’m pretty sure I quote Frank Costanza on a weekly basis. He reminded me of the old men in my life, how ridiculous they were, how far they would go for a laugh, for a righteous and meaningless victory in any activity or argument. Jerry Stiller’s characters weren’t my dad or uncle, but damn they felt like it.Continue reading “Jerry Stiller, Darkness, Humor”