Secret Origins: “Variations on the Same Thing”

A series in which Sean and Amanda speak on the ideas behind their work, as a glimpse behind the artistic veil. Today: Sean’s painting, “Variations on the Same Thing.” Acrylic. 12×12. Currently on display and for sale at High on Art and Coffee, Lexington, Kentucky. The impetus of this painting was really quite simple: howContinue reading “Secret Origins: “Variations on the Same Thing””

On A Return To Morehead

Tomorrow is a big deal for me, personally and professionally. I’m returning to the place where I truly, finally found myself. In a way, I’m going home. Until I graduated high school, I was a frequent performer: plays, musicals, hosting events, acting in videos for our school television station, recording radio ads, interviews, blah andContinue reading “On A Return To Morehead”

Milestone Art Collective: Secret Origins

Support us through Patreon! So here’s the story of Milestone, what it is now and how it came to be, and why it is so necessary to us. August to September 2018. Amanda and I start Milestone as a label to sell our visual art (painting from me, collages and mixed media from her). WeContinue reading “Milestone Art Collective: Secret Origins”