Milestone Writing Workshops

It’s pretty

Greetings, friends!

We’re excited to announce the Milestone Writing Workshops. Our plan is to have several workshops going at a time to facilitate poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and perhaps visual arts. To start, though, we’ll be offering a weekly poetry workshop, facilitated by our own Sean L Corbin, beginning May 8 (time to be determined, probably 10ish).

This will be a fun, educational, casual, and safe place for writers to share their work with others and receive on-the-spot feedback and love. And of course, due to the ongoing pandemic, we’re starting these in the virtual world of Zoom. So share your passion from the comfort of your own home!

Also, it’s all FREE. Oh!

If you’re interested in taking part, let us know with the form below, or email us directly at, or message us on Facebook! We’ll add you to our mailing list, so that when specific times and particulars are finalized in the next week or so, you’ll be the first to know!

We’re pumped to hear from you, and we hope you’ll spread the word! Much poetry love!

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