Announcing RADIATE

Friends, Milestone Art Collective is ecstatic to announce the release of Radiate, a brand new collection of poems from Sean L Corbin!

This extremely limited edition, locally-made, grass-fed organic book of verse will be offered exclusively on, and will be priced at $12.00 flat–yes, that includes tax and shipping. Just go to the “Commerce” tab and find the link for PayPal and card payments. Shipping will begin December 8.

Here’s a taste of Radiate, the opening piece in the collection, “Apology.”

This is a collection of sense, all or non. This is a life caught between fracturing and regeneration. This is an attempt at LANGUAGE AS PURE THOUGHT. This is the bipolar mind: philosophical grandiosity and spiritual destitution. This is meditation, despair, origin, HOPE.

Radiate will be available for order by noon today, December 1.

Special thanks to Elisabeth Hall and John Garcia to their continued patronage and support. To find out how you can support the Milestone Art Collective on a regular basis, check out our Patreon page! And while you’re ordering Radiate, enjoy our other available art work on the Commerce page.

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