A Novel Experiment: Day Whatever

Current Word Count: 29,575

I believe you should always celebrate successes. I set a personal best with over 3700 words today, and am a climax and epilogue away from finishing this incredibly rough first draft. So we’re dancing, and eating kung pao.

This has been a steady march, consistent mostly in its day-to-day inconsistency, yet still seeing a gentle incline of progress as the days and months have gone by. I have no idea if this thing is any good or not. Frankly, gun to head, I’d have to lean toward “incredibly flawed” at best. But the best part of this novel experiment has proven to be not necessarily the quality of the work that pours out stream-of-consciousness style just begging to be edited, but just the fact that I’ve stuck with the goddamn thing. Again, don’t know if it’ll ever see a shelf on a bookstore, but I really feel like the foundation is being built for something of mine to get there some day, even if it is this gnarly beast of a thing we call fiction.

Find your working relationship with what truly makes you happy. Maximize the pursuits at which you are most suited and talented. Know joy and peace through art. And write about zombie catfish jumping out of the dry earth. It’s what’s working for me.

Toodle-loo, my sweet things, my honeys.

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