A Novel Experiment: Day 35


Today’s Word Count (actual/goal): 1010/1000

Total Word Count So Far (after edits, all days included, blah-blah): 15,652

In my last post I wrote the following:

In other news, I’ve been more bananas the last couple of days. I’ll say this: they’re tasty.

Now, obviously there’s a typo. Tasty should say fucking wild. Oh, and I’ve been eating more bananas, although I’m a huge fan of this typo version. This is the fun of editing.

Today’s writing actually went fast and smooth, like a good well-fibered poop, but it was broken into two shifts, like a much more unfortunate poop. A large percentage of today’s writing was a longish sequence of pure dialogue—no attributes or identifiers outside of the spoken words, and between a man, a deer man, a bird man, and a cat who is in fact a cat named Neil. I’m hoping, when I come back to it in the next draft, it still seems like a good idea, and not just the pure laziness oozing out of my every pore that I fear it to be.

Metallica’s S&M2 is kinda rocking the shit out of it for me. Not as balls-out rocking as the first one, but they actually do some different things here. Check out “The Iron Foundry.” Oh, and only Brad Puckett and Nick Woods will get this (maybe Ben Ivan too), but every time I hear “Confusion” from this album

I see

Tata for now, you succulent human bouquets.

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