A Novel Experiment: Day 19


Today’s Word Count (actual/goal): 1364/1000

Total Word Count So Far (after edits, all days included, blah-blah): 9627

This week has been slow, aggravating, a little stressful, with children’s dental procedures and various work and home duties to care for. The project suffers, as it should have, given that these other things are of primary importance. But I did hit my word-count goal today, so boom, GIF.

Did you know that if you make a pitcher of green tea with honey and a touch of sugar and then leave it on your counter all night because you’re a dumbass, the tea will very much taste like moldy grass when you ice it up and take a chug the next day? Well I didn’t. But I do now. And I will continue to.

I hate writing dialogue. I think that’s one of the things I would have been able to really hone in on if I’d made fiction a focus in school. I tend to ramble, and have long chains of very short back-and-forths that I think I stole from McCarthy only he’s Cormac Fucking McCarthy and I’m Tits McGee writing in crayon over here, and I also sometimes get a little too cute maybe. But hey, Don DeLillo’s dialogue always sounds like two super-computers arguing about the philosophical importance of hot dogs and he’s fucking great, so. Shrug.

Long days and pleasant nights, you beautiful terrestrials.

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