A Novel Experiment: Sean Tries Fiction, Day 13


Today’s Word Count (actual/goal): 1046+/1000

Total Word Count So Far (after edits, all days included, blah-blah): 6586

Wrote past the word-count goal for the first time today. Doing a sweet-ass celebration dance right now, you just can’t see it. It involves butt gyrations. I’ll let that GIF of Tina give you an idea.

I have just the whitest goddamn legs on earth. I noticed this while writing today, given that I was writing while not wearing pants. I like to be as comfortable as possible while writing, so if I don’t have a pair of gym shorts immediately available, I’ll just write without pants. It works great. Gets awkward in the coffee shops, though.

Still trying to formulate a detailed, routine, strict plan of attack on this novel. Do I just let it pour out of me, whatever may be may be, and work from there, even if that sometimes bogs down as I get swept up in descriptions and narrative flairs and whatnot? Or do I power through with a bare-bones plot draft to get the story out with some measure of alacrity, then come back and flesh out narration and imagery and all that on a second pass, then rest like bread dough, then a further edit, then perhaps not-me human contact?

You would think, given two creative writing degrees and a third in straight-up English, I would have something resembling an answer. You would be wrong. We don’t have these problems in poetry. We just spit our hot fire and let you all figure it out. You do it! God I love poetry.

Until again, compadres.

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