Sean’s Novel Experiment, Day 5

sean beer
Bell’s Kalamazoo Porter. Good for sippin.

Today’s Word Count (actual/goal): 752/1000

Total Word Count So Far (after edits, etc.): 4162 (updated through Day 5)

First of all, it’s Saturday night, and I’m old as hell, so Saturday night’s alright for writing (and fighting, if you were to believe my sons). Quick up-to-speed, though.

The novel goes. I have yet to actually meet a daily word-count goal, choosing instead to write toward the goal and stop when I’m close and it feels natural to do so. Really, it’s laziness, but I tell myself I don’t want to start a new section and stop halfway through and I’m a busy man damn it I’ve got kids to bang my head against walls about and dinners to cook and dogs to roll around with and basketball to finally watch again and what about all this tasty beer to drink oh shit it’s good I’ll make up the word counts tomorrow.

It’s important to have discipline, to have some kind of routine, however strict or loose, to get your ass to work. It’s important too to not force things when you know your ideas are fragile, whether it’s a poem that kinda makes sense but just needs something, or the general idea that you could write a goddamn novel. You push too hard and you’ll break the idea. I’ve done it. It sucks.

Write toward a goal. Reach your goal as best you can. Have fun. Express yourself. Find some good sippin beers or bourbons to help out every now and then.

Happy arting, buddies.

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