Amanda Reads the Tarot: A Quarantine Edition

DSCN1754 (2)

Back on March 21, I asked the Tarot, how will the Corona virus affect life going forward? Here’s what came up:

I. 2 of Wands: The only thing we can control is ourselves and we need to do so wisely, in line with deeper principles, and not for personal advantage or control over others.

II. Son of Stones: There is the temptation to listen to those who would tell us to despair or think only of ourselves. We can’t do that now. There might be feelings of self-doubt and being unconnected to other people, which is understandable, but we need to look for what we can do, what we can offer, and do so with the next generations in mind. What action can we take for the greater good? How can we give reverence to the Earth and all her children?

III. Ace of Stones: What we’re not seeing right now is that there is a gift of some kind underneath it all. It might be health for those of us fortunate enough not to be sick, prosperity if we’re able to work from home or receive some kind of stimulus, or it could be something as simple as beauty or good weather. What’s important is not to waste that gift. Be grateful for whatever gifts you’re receiving through this crisis. Amidst all this, there is also the gift of finding greater truth. This situation might enable you to see what’s really important.

IV. The Hanged Man: We have sacrificed and will likely continue to do so, but like Odin on the World Tree, there is wisdom to gain from sacrifice. We have an attachment to something greater than ourselves.

V. Daughter of Cups: We should embrace the attitude of calm, strength of character, and creative intuition. Right nowthere is a sense of mystery—we don’t know what’s going to happen—but there will be a revelation and we will gain a sense of depth and possibility in ourselves. What can you do to radiate calmness and bring out others’ strengths?


VI. Aeon: In the Celtic Cross Spread each position has a meaning. The card I drew in the future position is Aeon, which means renewal for the whole planet, but it can apply to the individual as well. It means a change in circumstances and a painful change of old patterns. In older Tarot decks this card was called Judgment and it depicted an angel blowing his trumpet as people rose from their graves. When this is over, we’ll all rise to a new world. This card told me that yes, this is serious, and it is going to have a significant impact.

VII. 5 of Cups: On the individual level there are significant limitations, but confusion and disappointment we feel might be exaggerated. Believe in the future and have hope. We each need to be patient and take a gentle approach.

VIII. 4 of Cups: Because of the situation out there, we might feel a sense of yearning; we want to do things but can’t. Things will be hard at first, but we need to take a moment to find peace and balance so we can look at the big picture. Only once we’re calm can we take a step back and figure out what to do. Because there IS something we can do, and that action will lead to growth. Start by following your own nature. What are your unique strengths and talents? How can you apply them? We also need to remember to honor our feelings, let them flow openly, and let others do the same. This is hard. It’s okay to admit that.

IX. Mother of Stones: In the position of the guide, I pulled the Mother of Stones. She is the Spider Woman from the Hopi creation story. She is serene, older and wiser, and has a strong sense of self. She is a loving mother and cares for nature. She does not need approval from others, which may make her seem distant. She also moves slowly, taking her time.  Who in your life has been like the Spider Woman? How can we embody these principles?

X. Ace of Wands: The overall outcome is the gift of fire, which is our inner fire; energy, passion, optimism, will, and confidence. Fire energy also express itself in the form of sexual desire and creative energies. Going forward, new beginnings, and courage are favored. When this is over, some of us will need new jobs or begin new projects, others might decide it’s time for a new home, and some might begin a new relationship. Look for inspiration and opportunities for new beginnings.

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